General info about the sacrament of reconciliation

The sacrament of reconciliation has gone through a tremendous evaluation. Reconciliation is also referred as penance and confessions. Forty , fifty years ago, going to reconciliation was more popular.
Jesus did not invent sacraments. The sacraments developed as the church looked at and studied Jesus ministry and sanctified daily life focusing on important areas and formalized them.
In the early church, no one went to confession/reconciliation s we do today. The sacrament of reconciliation was received only once, the same as baptism and confirmation. There was only one chance to reconcile yourself to god. When baptised as an adult, all sins are washed away so, in the early church, reconciliation was not needed.
But these days we reconcile a lot. People who reconcile before they take communion have done big sins. But it is really important to get reconcile from god when you do something wrong.